Recent Projects

Industrial Minerals and construction raw materials
Potential for utilisation of waste from building stone quarry in Cornwall
Raw material supply for ceramic tile manufacture in UK
Stratigraphy of Cornwall for building stone database
Sand and gravel resource potential from alluvial gold extraction in Romania
Potash supply and market study
Market study of serpentine
Exploration for silica sand and other minerals for glass manufacture in Botswana
Industrial mineral resources of Albania
Silica sand resource assessment and potential markets, Brunei
Advice on limestone quality in Ireland
Advice on sand and gravel processing in UK
Ore Geology and Mineralogy
Mineralogy by XRD of alteration zones in a porphyry copper prospect
Mineralogy by XRD and SEM of slag to be used for foundations on brownfield site
Mineralogy by XRD of expansive incinerator bottom ash
Petrography and mineralogy of iron ore prospects in Africa
Investigation into potential mineralisation along route of new road in Cornwall
Training and capacity building
Workshop for University staff from Egypt on industrial mineral assessment techniques
Industrial Minerals workshops, Assiut and Sohag Universities, Egypt
Course Director and lecturer for MSc Mining Geology Programme at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter
Industrial Minerals module for European Masters Course in Mining Engineering at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
Industrial Minerals workshop in Chania, Crete, Greece
Advice on the establishment of a geological survey for Kosovo
Workshop in Kosovo on the mining of sand and gravel from active river channels
Re-accreditation of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering Department, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Optical mineralogy course for company personnel
One-to-one training in ore microscopy for geological consultancy company.
Development of geochemistry and mineralogy laboratory facilities for the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency.
Expert Witness
Opinion on the suitability of aggregates for concrete block manufacture
Advice and reports for High Court claim alleging supply of sub-standard kaolin
Expert advice on clay mineralogy of strata encountered in tunnel excavation
Advice and reports for High Court Claim relating to geological setting and uses of limestone and dolomite 
Geodiversity and Geoconservation
Condition monitoring of designated geoconservation sites in Cornwall
GeoValue: establishing a procedure for assessing the importance of geological features in active and other quarry sites
Review of geodiversity projects suported by Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund
Access and safety at geological sites
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